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An acoustic quartet steeped in the British Folk Tradition with influences of Celtic and American Bluegrass


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With two albums released to critical acclaim and string of impressive concerts at major folk clubs and festivals, Open Water bring a fresh approach to acoustic music

”Building a timeless classic of hope and comfort, Open Water have achieved a harmonious union of Celtic instruments, swaying lyrics and jazz-infused solos. Above The Waterline holds the fortitude to ground us; the power to raise our collective spirit, and the charm to inspire us – leaving no stone unturned by this talented band.”

”incredibly impressed…” Fatea Magazine


”Open Water’s second effort encapsulates everything that folk music is about – peacefulness, warmth, and resilience. With Above The Waterline, it’s clear that this band is here to stay” (PureDayz magazine)


”an emotionally honest and cohesive album that takes us on a journey into the past and also the present.”  (Minted Muzic)


‘Above the Waterline is sure to pull in listeners with its vivid acoustic guitars combined with Joanne Doolan’s crystal clear, captivating vocals.” (Its Blitz Mag)



 ”Open Water have truly encapsulated the very essence of their creative process, their environment and their relationships through this classic folk-pop album.” (Newzculture)



Summer Cries, the lead single, has already caught a lot of attention, representing a perfect example of the band’s gentle yet powerful talent with layered acoustic guitars and the stunning vocal of lead singer Joanne Doolan. The accompanying music video was beautifully filmed in Deal’s adjacent woodland, and serves as a glowing tribute to the beauty of the song and the area it was born in. Open Water have managed to create something truly special and it is definitely worth a listen for those seeking out uplifting and meaningful music.  (Best Music Blog USA)


Latest video: Summer Cries from ‘Above The Waterline’

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    Open Water Album

    Debut album from Kent based folk group, Open Water. ” I found it very much ticked enough boxes for me to listen to each track intently….This album …made me want to hear more.’‘ Jim Gaines, ‘Disc and Music Echo’ magazine

    Above The Waterline

    About ‘Above The Waterline.’
    From March 2020 we started writing material for our second album
    It helped us through those tricky times. Rather than dwelling on the uncertainty of the situation, we were inspired to write hopeful, uplifting, often ‘spiritual’ music that would unite all. The music has the ability to heal and uplift.
    We have been greatly inspired by Deal’s beautiful coast line, historic buildings and Folklore. There is a song on the album, ‘Lone Tree Hill’ inspired by a gruesome tale of a soldier posted at Dover Castle. Another song ‘The Tinker’ was inspired by Richard’s  Grandad who made dolls house furniture. Other songs ‘Summer Cries,’ ‘ I Trust The Road,’ and ‘Rainbows End’ embrace the human journey, letting go of the ego and following a simpler path,  ‘Winter Bride’ is a heartbreaking story of a lady, who pregnant, was left at the altar.  ‘Mabinogion’ is Jo’s ode to her birth place, Wales. 
    The CD features some impressive Turner inspired artwork by celebrated Kent  artist Matthew Alexander.


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